From Panama City, take a short flight north to the San Blas island archipelago for a slice of Caribbean paradise and indigenous Indian culture. These islands are unique in that they are still governed by the indigenous Kuna tribe, who are autonomous from the rest of Panama. With their colourful dress and customs, the Kuna navigate their way around the archipelago in their dug-out canoes and still hunt and fish using traditional methods. Although their main income is through tourism, it is still in its infancy and the accommodation on some of the inhabited islands is rustic.

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  • Ruled semi autonomously by the Kuna tribe, San Blas feels a million miles away from busy Panama City. Crystal clear Caribbean seas, uninhabited palm-covered islands, blindingly white sands and a government run by a chief from the comfort of his hammock. This is how paradise should be...

Our guide to holidays in San Blas Islands

The San Blas Islands offer a tropical beach paradise alongside living, breathing indigenous tribal culture. Most of the 365 palm-tree covered islands are completely isolated and it is bliss to experience the magical islands and turquoise waters first hand through a sailing voyage. As well as visits to the Indian villages, the islands offer excellent snorkelling, sea kayaking and sailing.

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