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The Yucatan area has numerous sites with Mayan ruins. While some sites cover vast areas and have been well preserved or restored others are much smaller and have suffered over the years. Many of the sites still have vast areas that are yet to be excavated and explored.

Chichen Itza and Tulum are undoubtedly the most famous ruins, but there are plenty more to explore for the avid historian.

Covering 150 acres, the ruins of Uxmal are unusual in that its water system used man-made cisterns to collect water, rather than collecting water from cenotes like many of the other ruins. The Magician's Pyramid has rounded sides with a great height and steepness making it unique among Mayan structures, however it is rivaled by the Governor's palace's size and complex stonework as the masterpiece of Uxmal.

With a continuous architectural sequence that covers fourteen centuries and found in the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve the UNESCO World Heritage Site Calakmul has more than 6,750 structures, as well as the tallest pyramid in Mexico. The pyramid has a height of 180ft with a palace at the top. The 120 carved stelae depict the Mayans at work or in the market place and there are a number of images of a women, who is believed to have been one of the cities rulers.

Kabah is believed to have been a dependency of Uxmal as the two cities are linked by a Sacbe or white road that was used by the Mayans as a ceremonial causeway due to the arches at each end. The Palace of the Masks is an impressive site due to the hundreds of stone masks of the rain god Chac covering the façade.

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