Places to Visit in Guatemala

Guatemala, as the birthplace of the Maya, is not short of ancient ruins to explore, most notably in Tikal National Park, which can be found deep in the jungle with hundreds of temples peeking out of the top of the tree canopy. But there is more to this country than ancient ruins: the city of Antigua Guatemala is well worth spending some time in, with its colourful, cobbled streets and surrounding volcanoes. Nearby is Lake Atitlan, which is surrounded by villages that provide the perfect opportunity to learn a little more about authentic Guatemalan culture. The combination of the history, culture and the country's natural beauty makes Guatemala an unforgettable place to visit, and these are our top picks for where to go to make the most of all that is on offer here.

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Antigua Guatemala

Central America > Guatemala

A highlight of any Guatemalan trip; Antigua competes with Cusco and Cartagena as Latin America's most beautiful colonial city. Read more

Lake Atitlan

Central America > Guatemala

A huge body of deep blue water that stretches into the distance and takes at least half an hour to cross by motorised boat, the lake has an amazing setting, ringed by imposing volcanoes. Read more

Tikal National Park

Central America > Guatemala

A 45-minute flight from Guatemala City to Flores in the steamy Petén region of northern Guatemala, Tikal’s 3,000 temples, shrines, ceremonial platforms, ball courts and plazas lie in the heart of the jungle. Read more

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