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Part of the Lighthouse Reef System, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Great Blue Hole is 60 miles off the mainland of Belize and is one of the greatest dive sites in the world.

The Blue Hole is a world class dive spot, especially favoured by recreational divers for its crystal clear waters and array of marine life. It is home to countless species of marine life including angelfish, sponges, barracudas and different species of shark as well as impressive coral formations. This coupled with a minimum water temperature of 76 degrees (or above!) as far down as 130 feet help to make the Blue Hole one of the most magnificent dive sites in the world.

Dive trips to the Great Blue Hole are day trips that usually consist of one dive in the Blue Hole and two additional dives in nearby reefs.

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Jacques Cousteau - a man of just about everything whose many jobs included French Naval Officer, Oceanographer, author and photographer - declared the Blue Hole one of the best scuba diving spots in the world

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