Elephants in a safari in Kenya
Guest blogger

By Guest blogger
On: 28th May, 2012

Best Holidays for Teenagers

  • Cyprus
  • Sweden
  • Costa Rica
  • Borneo
  • Kenya

Our resident family expert Lydia Gard returns, this time recommending her best holidays for teenagers.... I recently spent a few days in a villa with a friend and her gorgeous teenagers. The boy, 14, goofed around with the toddlers all day long, and held his own with the adults during the…

Guest blogger

By Guest blogger
On: 18th January, 2012

Nonsuch Bay – Fantastic Winter Family Sailing

  • Caribbean

A classic Caribean escape.

By Tom
On: 9th March, 2011

Family Holiday Tips!

Those infant bundles of joy; those reasonable and obedient toddlers; those calm and collected tweenagers; those charming and engaging teens. OK, maybe the first one rings true. When the baby doesn't have colic. Or wind. Or is teething. Quite frankly it's enough to make you want to go on…

Travel with a baby

By Tom
On: 23rd December, 2010

Travelling With a Baby Across the Deep South - Good Idea?

  • USA

Find out what I think...A 3,000 mile trip around the Southern US in 12 days travelling with a baby (9 months old). A good idea? On paper, no. It was a stupid idea. One intensified when my wife declared she had 'misplaced' her driving licence as we boarded the plane, meaning I would be the…

Anassa Pool

By Tom
On: 24th June, 2010

Our First Family Holiday!

  • Cyprus

I set off on my first ever holiday with my baby son...

Guest blogger

By Guest blogger
On: 20th May, 2010

Fun Family Holidays To Egypt

  • Egypt

Read all about my family holidays in Egypt - ten days of heat, sleep and excellent food