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By Natalie
On: 7th March, 2018

Hollywood’s Hottest Holiday Destinations

  • Cambodia
  • Jordan
  • Sicily & the Aeolian Islands
  • Hawaii
  • Thailand
  • California
  • New Zealand

Quite literally picture perfect, the settings of our favourite Hollywood blockbusters might often seem too beautiful to be true. But rest assured, in a world of CGI and Photoshop, there are still some locations that are film-worthy all on their own. To celebrate this week's Oscar week in Los…

spice market in India
Image of Jessica Higgs

By Jess
On: 19th January, 2018

Our Monthly Travel Calendar: Your 2018 Agenda

  • Canary Islands
  • Rajasthan & Agra
  • Morocco
  • Antigua
  • Indonesia
  • Iceland
  • Greece
  • Botswana
  • USA
  • Argentina
  • Thailand

Between Storm No Name threatening to blow Britain away and Trump's assertions of his 'stable genius' credentials, January isn't exactly turning out to be a classic is it? There's only one thing for it: ignore January entirely and look determinedly ahead. And in particular look ahead to all…


By Carrie
On: 28th November, 2017

The Surin: A trendy Thai hideaway

  • West Coast Thai Beaches
  • Thailand

Built within lush tropical rainforest and set right on the soft sands of Pansea Beach, The Surin is easily one of the most idyllic beach hotels in Thailand, in our humble opinion of course. I visited on my most recent trip to Thailand, so here's a rundown of The Surin's sweet spots…

angthong national park koh samui
Image of Jessica Higgs

By Jess
On: 29th August, 2017

Winter Sun-spiration

  • Ethiopia
  • Thailand
  • Antigua
  • Kenya
  • France

True 'Britishness' is surely defined by our love of discussing the weather and, in particular, why the sun isn't shining. It's no surprise then that studies continue to show that we Brits are increasingly suffering from a lack of Vitamin D. The answer? Escape to sunnier climes, of course.…

Image of Jacqui Brooks

By Jacqui
On: 24th March, 2017

Great Global Bake Off

  • Thailand
  • Japan
  • Vietnam
  • India
  • Singapore

We're a (healthily) competitive lot here at Original Travel and all this recent chat about the new hosts of The Great British Bake Off got us thinking. Why just Britain? And why just baking? Cue the drawing of continental battle lines and each team putting forward their region's finest…

View From Six Senses Yao Noi
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By Guest blogger
On: 12th May, 2016

The Best Honeymoon Destinations in Asia

  • Sri Lanka
  • Cambodia
  • Japan
  • Indonesia
  • Thailand

Your honeymoon is the most memorable trip of your lifetime, a holiday you'll reminisce on in years to come with fondness and happy memories. So understandably you'll want to pick the perfect destination. But in a world with so many beautiful countries, which one to choose? We've searched far…

Image of Jessica Higgs

By Jess
On: 18th January, 2016

Six of the Best: Tented Camps

  • Oman
  • Slovenia
  • India
  • Canada
  • Tanzania
  • Thailand

Camping: one of the most divisive words in the travel lexicon. So often associated with cramped tents, dodgy Trangias and the vague whiff of wet dog. The irony is that some of the most luxurious and unique hotels in the world are tented camps; think large canopies, quirky furniture, spacious…

Thailand sandy beach
Image of Katie Terrington

By Katie
On: 11th November, 2013

It's all about the Beautiful Beaches in Thailand

  • The Far East
  • Thailand

You probably already know that the beaches in Thailand are some of the best in Indochina, and arguably the best in Asia. What you may not know is that Thailand's beaches all vary hugely, and as a country, it offers enormous diversity when it comes to exclusive escapes. Read on for the lowdown...

Image of Tom Barber

By Tom
On: 9th October, 2013

Exclusive Winter Sun Offers

  • Egypt
  • Italy
  • Tanzania
  • Thailand

So far so mild, but you just know that a good (c)old British winter is coming down the line, and when it does, you want to make sure you're as far from it as possible. Oh, and ideally staying somewhere with a juicy special offer. As luck would have it, here are a few of our latest, exclusive…

Thai Salmon
Image of Miranda Boord

By Miranda
On: 11th September, 2013

Thai Salmon Recipe

  • Thailand

Check out this Thai salmon recipe, the perfect meal for a cosy night in whilst planning your next trip to Asia...