Clare, Chang Mai Thailand

By Clare Jackson
On: 8th November, 2018

Trending Travel Destinations for 2019

  • Montenegro
  • Colombia
  • Egypt
  • Rwanda
  • Japan
  • Chile
  • Oman

The nights are drawing in and almost certainly some shop somewhere has put up the Christmas lights so naturally we've decided to bypass all that and start thinking about 2019 instead. We've looked deep into our crystal ball, studied the tea leaves and read the runes (whatever they are) and…

Aman Villa beach
Image of Jessica Higgs

By Jess
On: 24th August, 2016

Our Top 5 Aman Resorts

  • Vietnam
  • Montenegro
  • Turks & Caicos
  • Greece
  • Indonesia

Two things have become apparent over the course of this Great British Summer. Number one: the aforementioned "summer" has been deeply underwhelming; one minute we're baking in glorious sunshine and the next we're ducking for cover from torrential rain. Number two: Team GB has had an absolute…

Montenegro island
Image of Nick Newbury

By Nick
On: 7th November, 2014

Montenegro: a Destination to Watch for 2015

  • Montenegro
  • Europe

Quickly becoming the next big location that the super-rich are talking about, Montenegro is right at the top of Original Travel's must visit destinations for 2015 with new hotels cropping up left, right and centre. At long last the beautiful country of Montenegro (which has been rather…

Woman looking at Computer

By Guest blogger
On: 30th May, 2012

Sveti Stefan: The Jewel in Montenegro's Crown

  • Montenegro
  • Europe

While a picture may be worth a thousand words, in some cases it simply isn't enough. Such is the case with Sveti Stefan in Montenegro, home to Amanresort's first European venture. The seriously luxurious resort is something you have to see to believe...

Image of Nick Newbury

By Nick
On: 20th December, 2011

80 Senses: #67 - The Secret Valley in Kotor Montenegro

  • Montenegro

The secret's out.