spice market in India
Image of Jessica Higgs

By Jess
On: 19th January, 2018

Our Monthly Travel Calendar: Your 2018 Agenda

  • Canary Islands
  • Rajasthan & Agra
  • Morocco
  • Antigua
  • Indonesia
  • Iceland
  • Greece
  • Botswana
  • USA
  • Argentina
  • Thailand

Between Storm No Name threatening to blow Britain away and Trump's assertions of his 'stable genius' credentials, January isn't exactly turning out to be a classic is it? There's only one thing for it: ignore January entirely and look determinedly ahead. And in particular look ahead to all…

angthong national park koh samui
Image of Jessica Higgs

By Jess
On: 29th August, 2017

Winter Sun-spiration

  • Ethiopia
  • Thailand
  • Antigua
  • Kenya
  • France

True 'Britishness' is surely defined by our love of discussing the weather and, in particular, why the sun isn't shining. It's no surprise then that studies continue to show that we Brits are increasingly suffering from a lack of Vitamin D. The answer? Escape to sunnier climes, of course.…

Image of Jessica Higgs

By Jess
On: 14th June, 2017

Top Five Winter Sun Destinations for 2017

  • Oman
  • Mexico
  • Antigua
  • Cambodia
  • Maldives

Winter is coming. No, we haven't temporarily taken leave of our senses and this isn't a belated April Fool's. You did, in fact, read that correctly - we said winter. While summer hasn't really even kicked off yet (and who knows whether it will even make an appearance) news has reached us…

Deck chairs in the Caribbean
Image of Tom Barber

By Tom
On: 25th February, 2016

Caribbean Honeymoons: Finding the Perfect Island

  • Caribbean
  • Jamaica
  • Antigua
  • Turks & Caicos
  • St Barths
  • Anguilla
  • St Lucia
  • St Vincent & The Grenadines
  • Barbados

So you're getting married. Congratulations (obvs) but let's get straight to the important bit - planning the honeymoon. We may be slightly (read: completely) biased but planning your honeymoon has got to be one of the most exciting bits of wedmin and there are few better places to kick off…