Helen Mulhern

Lake Atitlan
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By Helen M
On: 5th December, 2016

The Colours of Guatemala and El Salvador

  • Guatemala
  • El Salvador

My first trip to Central America was so colorful that I have been living in monochrome ever since. I urge anyone with a penchant for pastels, a fetish for fluorescents or a bias for bolds to visit. Here are my most colourful moments from Guatemala and El Salvador.

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By Helen M
On: 19th April, 2016

Luxury Honeymoons in North America

  • USA
  • California
  • Las Vegas & the Grand Canyon
  • The American West
  • British Columbia

Welcome to North America: for couples that lust after long open roads and endless adventures. Dive straight in to our favourite suggestions for a luxury honeymoon to North America.

Niyama hotel beach view studio
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By Helen M
On: 23rd September, 2015

9 Reasons to visit Niyama in the Maldives

  • Maldives

Niyama is a luxury wonderland that's perfect for guests who want to be washed up on a desert island castaway-style, but with all the trimmings of a modern and chic hotel. No creature comforts have been spared and there's a distinct cosmopolitan vibe. I spent just three days exploring the…

maldives ocean
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By Helen M
On: 3rd August, 2015

Eco-Luxury in the Maldives

  • Maldives

Think that eco-living and luxury travel are poles apart? Think again! Environmental concerns are hugely important to the residents of the Maldives, and this tiny island is going all out to preserve its beautiful but fragile marine resources. Off to the Maldives on your honeymoon? Why not…

cowboy boot
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By Helen M
On: 21st July, 2015

Family Adventure Holidays

  • The Great American Wilderness
  • USA
  • Mexico
  • Oaxaca & Chiapas
  • Rajasthan & Agra
  • India

Thrilling adventures don't have to stop as soon as the kids arrive. At Original Travel we pride ourselves on being able to make even the most action packed holiday totally family friendly. After all, sometimes it's not only the children who can't sit still for five minutes.

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By Helen M
On: 25th May, 2015

Africa's Next 'Big Three' Safari Lodges

  • Africa
  • Tanzania
  • South Africa
  • Kenya

With three pioneering new safari lodges opening this summer, wildlife and adventure is very much on the Original Travel agenda this season. So here is a round up the newest safari hot-spots for the 2015 season.

Polo sport
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By Helen M
On: 14th May, 2015

Polo Around the World

The first weekend of June will see London's most fashionable summer garden party: Polo in the Park. This year, we just couldn't miss out on the fun and will be hosting a kids club alongside party gurus, Sharky & George and Eddie Catz. As well as the giant obstacle course, pitch invasion…

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By Helen M
On: 8th May, 2015

Santorini Honeymoons

  • Greece
  • Santorini

'Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue'

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By Helen M
On: 12th February, 2015

Our Top Ten Family Hotels

Choosing where to stay is almost as important as choosing where to go, if not more so. A good place to stay can be the difference between securing the holy grail of luxury family travel, and being in the dog house for booking a hotel which calls a square foot of grass a kid's club. Perhaps…

berlin museum island
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By Helen M
On: 3rd November, 2014

24 Hours in: Berlin

  • Germany
  • Berlin

If you only have 24 hours to explore Berlin I highly recommend imagining yourself as a Dr. Who-style time lord (police box, optional) and beginning your day circa. 1939 before finishing in laidback Kreuzberg: a neighbourhood that typifies what it's like to be a modern day Berliner. Exploring…