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The Latest National Obsession: Blue Planet II

At exactly 9:01pm last Sunday a collective sigh could be heard ringing out across the nation - Attenborough et al have done it again. Another scintillating series of Blue Planet is back on our telly boxes and all Sunday evening social engagements for the next six weeks have been kiboshed in favour of the Beeb. And the first episode did not disappoint. We had grumpy walruses mouthing (or toothing) off at each other, Jaws-esque fish terrorising baby birds and bottlenose dolphins getting a kick from surfing the gnarly waves off South Africa. It's enough to make anyone want to grab a wetsuit and plunge into the Big Blue, no? Lucky for you, we have a specialist dive team here at Original Travel, the aptly named Original Diving, experts in the watery stuff worldwide and able to help with organising everything from holidays with the odd dive included to full-blown dedicated dive trips. So if you, like us, have a penchant for the ocean, here are a few of our favourite destinations and experiences for divers of all types…

80 Senses: #78 - The Goroka Show in Papua New Guinea

PNG is PDG (pretty damn good). Papua New Guinea is as close as you can get to frontier travel in this day and age. The interior of the country (the Highlands) remained completely uncharted until the 1930s when gold prospectors who had assumed the area was uninhabited due to the rugged terrain found over a million people still living a virtually stone age lifestyle.

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