Where to go in Australia

As a continent sized country there is a variety of diverse places to go in Australia; from tropical rainforests and coral reefs of Queensland to the fiery red deserts of Uluru and the Northern Territory. The regions are all remarkable in their own rights, and totally different, you could be surfing the shores of Perth and Western Australia or exploring popular cities such as Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane. The list truly is never-ending and with so much to do Australia is perfect for a tailor made holiday.

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Western Australia

Australasia & the Pacific Islands > Australia

Famous for its long days of sunshine, spotless blue skies and brilliant beaches, Western Australia is a great place to experience some rather special natural attractions. Read more


Australasia & the Pacific Islands > Australia

Fjords, bays, magnificent beaches and dramatic sea cliffs make this one of the best places to visit in Australia. Read more


Australasia & the Pacific Islands > Australia

Enjoy Melbourne's cultural scene, take to the Great Ocean Road, and follow bushwalking trails. Read more

Sydney & New South Wales

Australasia & the Pacific Islands > Australia

With a stunning natural setting, Sydney is Australia's leading city, known worldwide for its spectacular harbour and the iconic Opera House. Read more

South Australia

Australasia & the Pacific Islands > Australia

Home to the Southern Outback, ocean, the city of Adelaide, and the wildlife wonder of Kangaroo Island. Read more

Uluru & The Northern Territory

Australasia & the Pacific Islands > Australia

At the heart of Australia is the ‘Red Centre’, a dry, sparsely vegetated and even more sparsely populated region of the country. Read more


Australasia & the Pacific Islands > Australia

Queensland boasts beautiful beaches, perfect islands and the razzle-dazzle of the Gold Coast. Read more

Just wanted to give you a quick report on our trip. In a word..fantastic. Thanks for all your help with logistics for us in England. Transfer to Oxford worked very well and Old Bank Hotel was terrific. We went to Evensong at Christ Church Cathedral...just happened upon it as we were walking around...dinner at Pierre Victoire which was delicious. We had a delightful guide...very knowledgeable, friendly and enthusiastic.

Barnsley House was wonderful. Room 1.. large and very nice. Had dinner at their pub across the street. Excellent.

We drove to Bath and we toured the city...lovely area....weather was excellent. Very pleased we went to Bath...outstanding city.

Sharon and I were very pleased with all the arrangements and recommendations you made. Your advice was as you say...spot on. We love London and having been there a number of times, we were so pleased to travel to the Cotswolds.

So thanks Louise for all your help.


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