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The Fairy Tale of Zanzibar

It is hard to describe my experiences of Zanzibar in so many words. I remember returning to England and explaining to everyone that I had caught the 'Zanzibar bug'. Baffled, and alarmed that I had managed to catch some kind of horrendous stomach bug on my travels, my family and friends, as well as keeping me well at arm's length, asked me to explain this mysterious 'bug.' I did then, and still do now, struggle to explain it. Of course I could talk of white sand, turquoise waters and mouth-watering food, as a simple and rather obvious reason to why people can become drawn in to Zanzibar's infectious allure. But, as with many things in life, we can find them difficult to sum up, at least without sounding dull and repetitive, so we turn them into stories. Therefore, let me tell you a story of cinnamon, monkeys and wives, and of the fairy tale of Zanzibar. A place who's name alone feels sultry and exotic to the lips.

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