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Whilst both the north and south of Ethiopia are stunning in their own right, an itinerary combining both highlights the incredible diversity of this rich country, whose intriguing culture and mesmerising scenery are just waiting to be explored.

— Amelia, Original Travel Expert

Itinerary Highlights

  • Addis Ababa - 2 Days
    Addis Ababa is the first port of call in Northern Ethiopia. A stay at the The Sheraton Addis provides a sense of calm amidst the storm of bustling streets that explode to life the moment you step outside. A visit to the Raguel Church will heighten the sense of the anticipation for the other churches to be seen on the trip, while Mount Entoto provides glorious views across the whole city.

  • Lake Tana and Bahir Dar - 2 Days
    Hop on a flight to Bahir Dar, the capital of the Amhara region, on the southern edge of Lake Tana. This lake is the source of the Blue Niles Falls, which are locally called Tis Isat - translated as 'Smoke of Fire'. The sheer force and enormity of the falls undoubtedly pays testament to this. While staying at Kuriftu Resort, the 14th Century Monasteries that sit amongst the islands of Lake Tana, are well worth a visit.

  • Gondar - 2 Days
    The region of Gondar can be found three hours from Bahir Dar. The capital of Ethiopia in the 17th and 18th centuries, Gondar is well known for the mystical allure of its palaces and castles. From the Goha Hotel it is possible to explore the city by foot, getting up and personal with the Debre Birham Selassie Church; its exquisite murals and ceiling paintings are an undeniable highlight.

  • Lalibela - 2 Days
    Lalibela has been given the unofficial title of the Eighth Wonder of the World, playing host to eleven magnificent and medieval churches. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it ranks among some of the greatest religious-historical sites in the Christian World. A stay at Mountain View Hotel, perched over this splendid area, will give you a chance to bask in the surrounding wonders.​

  • Bale Mountain National Park - 2 Days
    Head south to the mighty Bale Mountain National Park, where all manner of wildlife can be glimpsed in their natural habitat. It's a region often overlooked in favour of the more popular Simien Mountains, but a stay at Bale Mountain Lodge makes it suddenly far more accessible, and - in our opinion - equally stunning. A staggering 60% of the population of Ethiopian wolves live here, and, as the rarest carnivore in the world, they are a real wonder to see.

  • Nechisar National Park - 2 Days
    Continuing south, round off your trip at Arba Minch, and the Nechisar National Park. A dazzling array of species can be found, from gazelle to baboons wandering freely, as well as zebra and hartebeest. Paradise Lodge is situated in the prime location from which to explore this undulating region, and with a decking overlooking the land below, the views are totally unbeatable. The adventurous travellers may also like to visit Lake Chamo, whose shorelines are lined with crocodiles.

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A similar itinerary would cost in the region of £3,550 per person, which includes all flights, hotels transfers, and organised trips.

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