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Kayak through the protected Saco do Mamangua fjord in Brazil and then climb the area’s very own Sugarloaf for spectacular views of the surrounding islands, safe in the knowledge you'll be the only ones there.

Saskia - Original Traveller

Saskia Wilson

Original Travel Expert

I have extensive travel experience throughout North America, South America and Central America & Cuba.

My travels

Travel Things I Want To Do Before I Die

  • India. Been on the bucket list for far too long
  • See tigers in the wild - I am obsessed with them!
  • Do a road trip of US west coast
  • Get fit and hike the Annapurnas in Nepal
  • Ride the Silk Route

Best Moments

  • Crossing the salt flats from Chile into Bolivia was an amazing experience, the landscapes are simply stunning and completely unforgettable
  • Walking into Buenos Aires International Airport to see our flight home had been cancelled, giving us 3 extra days in Buenos Aires where we watched the Polo Open Final, gorged on yet more steak and splurged our last pesos in Palermo's endless chic boutiques

Toughest Travel Moment

  • Strutting down Ipanema Beach on the first day of a winter break; you feel thoroughly inferior to the bikini clad Brazilian beauties! Best wait for your tan to take hold…

Weirdest Travel Moment

  • Travelling from Honduras to Belize by speedboat - initially I laughed at our 'captain's' apparel - consisting of a pair of goggles worn over aviators and an ancient wetsuit. After three hours of crashing up and down with waves pouring into the boat I was seasick, soaking and very contrite.

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Trancoso, My Favourite Place in Brazil

Brazil is a destination that brings the heat, in every respect of the word. The destination on every cool hunter's radar at the moment? Trancoso. Our Latin America expert Saskia has just returned from a trip to beach idyll and reckons it's the dream luxury break destination...

Luxury holidays in Uruguay: challenging its underdog status!

A question our Latin American expert Sas gets asked time and time again: 'Why go on holiday in Uruguay; doesn't Argentina have it all?'


Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands - The Perfect Combo!

Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands are like bread and butter, strawberries and cream, Posh and Becks…You get the picture: they make a damn good couple, and a damn good basis for a bespoke holiday in Latin America.

Escape this October Half Term

After a few begrudged moans at the thought of endless traffic jams, no seats on tubes, and our glorious city being over run by too many tourists, we were in fact, proved wrong. We loved the Olympics and have been well and truly hit by the Olympic bug that spread far and wide. The 'Inspire a…


The Joy of Cuban Food

The joy of Cuban food

80 Senses: #74 - Cotopaxi Volcano

Climb the 'Neck of the Moon'... Contrary to popular belief, Ecuador is more than just a staging post for trips to the Galapagos Islands. In fact it's a mighty fine destination in its own right.

80 Senses: #73 - Cuban Cigars

Havana, Hemingway-style.

80 Senses: #71 - Best Things To Do in Madeira

Oxymoron ahoy. Extreme sports in Madeira.

80 Senses: #68 - The Salar de Uyuni Salt Flats

The weirdest view in the world... In the southwest corner of Bolivia lies the Salar de Uyuni: one of the most surreal places on earth. Spread out over more than 4,000 square miles like an ivory ocean, these are the largest salt flats on earth.

80 Senses: #66 - Mexican Street Food

The hottest cuisine in the world. With or without chillies.

80 Senses: #53 - The South Pole

Astonishing to think, really, that it was only 100 years ago, to the day, that the first human beings reached the South Pole. Man - in the shape of the Wright brothers - had already left the confines of our planet eight years earlier (albeit on first engine-propelled flights of a few…

80 Senses: #36 - Huayna Picchu, Peru

An original take on a classic view... Huayna Picchu - 'Young Peak' in native Quecha - is the mountain that towers behind the citadel of Machu Picchu in the classic shot of this iconic destination. Few tourists know that it's also possible to climb the steep rocky path to the top to see…

80 Senses: #31 - The Secret Place to Spot Whale Sharks

A whale shark of a time... The name has been changed to protect the identity of somewhere so special we want to keep it some semblance of a secret. If you want to know more, we're afraid you'll just have to ring us.

80 Senses: #28 - Helicopter transfers from Antigua to Atitlan

See Guatemala from another perspective...

80 Senses: #24 - Learn the Argentine Tango

You could be tangoed. Some wag once described dancing as the vertical expression of a horizontal desire, and if that's the case then the Argentine tango is positively x-rated. In Buenos Aires it's more often than not performed by really, really good looking locals, which only adds to the…

80 Senses: #19 - Island of Fernando de Noronha

The most fun you can have with your swimmers on...Brazil is about the trendiest travel destination on the planet right now, and with the World Cup (2014) and an Olympics (2016) due in the next five years this flamboyant South American country is only going to get more airtime, and more…

80 Senses: #12 - Costa Rica Wildlife

Meet nature's best alarm clock... Being woken up at sunrise might not sound like an ideal holiday scenario, but for some reason it feels right in Costa Rica. This charming Central American country sells itself as one big wildlife sanctuary, and visitors often find themselves abiding by more…

Oh so Central America

Guatemala and Belize have long been among the most popular countries to visit in Central America, but on a recent trip to the region I went in search of something new, which I found in spades in El Salvador and Honduras.

Aerial view of the Blue Hole in Belize

The Perfect Couple - Guatemala and Belize Holidays

Guatemala and Belize are two classic Central American destinations, and make for one of the best country combos on the Original Travel books.

80 Senses: #5 - Day of the Dead Mexico

Mexico is proving a more and more popular destination, thanks to improved flights and the recent fashion for Mexican street food championed by chefs Tommi Miers and Jamie Oliver. There are beautiful beaches, spectacular Mayan ruins and vibrant cities to explore, but our favourite slice of…


Where to go in Mexico

It's hard to believe quite how different each trip to Mexico can be, the astounding diversity which makes Mexico the ultimate holiday destination to suit almost any criteria. Here is my advice on where to go in Mexico...

Cuban Culture: Cuba Before Castro Dies

I've wanted to go to Cuba for a long time and probably just because everyone else says so, I wanted to go before Castro dies and it changes too much. And having just come back, I'm very glad I did.

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